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ask your partner to relax on the bed as she would for missionary, but then ask her to twist one of her legs over to the other side so that she resembles the fetal position. Get in front of her and kneel on the bed so that you face each other, then insert your penis into her vagina. During sexual intercourse, your partner tends to bear weight on her back. In the home, this is not as much of a problem because there are more activities to distract her. Outside the home, however, the partner may be unaccustomed to lying fully on the back. Helping her to relax is crucial. During missionary, she has her arms and legs free to hold herself up. She also knows what type of penetration she wants (slow or fast) and who will do the work (her partner or you), and she can verbally communicate with her partner.[3]

This is a modified version of missionary that places less stress on the penis, thus being better for sexually disabled people or those having prostatic problems. It is similar to a woman on top but the man lies on his back and the woman puts him inside her. For this position, it is better for the woman to lie on her back because it is hard to get into the right position if the man puts himself on top. Missionary is better, but the missionary sex position is a good alternative in a situation where the missionary positions would not be comfortable for them to do, and with a partner who is not very flexible. Missionary sex is easier, because both partners lie flat on the bed and it is easier to get in the right position.

The man and woman are positioned so that the woman lies on her back and the man lies on his stomach on top of her. The woman cuddles up to the man and lifts her legs up to his head. The woman usually bears the weight of the man. The woman can adjust her hips so that things feel better for her. The man can also adjust his position as he would with a woman, and this can also help. The man can also move the woman's legs to his head as an added benefit. d2c66b5586


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