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33 : Smash Force


33 : Smash Force

We present molecular dynamics (MD) simulations using a capacitance-polarizability force field. This force field allows an atomistic description of charge migration within a particle and hence the image charge effects at the interface of such a particle. By employing atomic capacitance and polarizability as the key parameters that describe fluctuating charges and dipoles, we can thus explore the effect of charge migration on the structural dynamics. We illustrate the method by exploring gold nanoparticles in aqueous solutions and compare with previous simulation work. We reach the conclusion that the capacitance polarizability force field MD method serves as a promising tool for simulating gold water systems, indicating probable extensions to other metal solutions and for studies of more complicated systems provided that a proper parametrization of the capacitance force field can be made. For the particular system studied, it is found that the water molecules interact with the surface through oxygen atoms, leading to more hydrogen-bond donors than acceptors at the gold water interface. A prominent shoulder peak is found in the radial distribution of oxygen atoms with respect to the gold surface, due to the fact that the oxygen atoms adsorbed at the on-top sites of the gold nanoparticle. The surface of the aqueous gold nanoparticle carries negative charge, which is balanced by the positive charge in the second outermost layer.

Still confused after the Smash, Ippo barely avoids a second hit and retreats to the corner. As Sendō presses forward, Ippo gets close, and in what appears to be a clinch he lands a powerful body blow. They both begin trading punches, but Sendō gets the better of the exchange. Takamura points out that Ippo is simply afraid of backing away and be in the range of the smash. When Sendō backs away, and initiates the motion for the Smash, Ippo desperately tries to counter it with a hook, but Sendō stops mid-motion and dodges, he then strikes with a straight. Ippo, confused against the ropes fails to see Sendō approaching from below. Ippo slips his head to the side and the Smash brushes past his cheek, causing considerable damage. Ippo avoids falling down by holding on to the ropes, but Sendō is ready to attack. As Sendō launches his attack, the referee steps in and ends the second round, which is won by Sendō. While the commentators analyse the round, Sendō discusses the fight with Yanaoka. At the opposite corner, Ippo refuses to sit (like in the first round), as he believes he will not be able to get back up from the damage if he does. He says he has something left to do, and goes to the centre of the ring. Yagi asks Kamogawa if it is OK to let him go with no advice, the latter replies by expressing his confidence in his boxer. The third round begins with Ippo engaging Sendō at middle range, surprising everyone present. He stops using his Peek-a-Boo Style, which surprises them even more. Sendō is infuriated about the fact that Ippo is now using a stance identical to his own, and attacks with a straight. Ippo dodges, and throws a jab, which as noted by Sendō, has no power. Sendō continues to attack, and Ippo does nothing but dodge, until he launches a straight from a diagonal-downward angle very similar to the Smash but in a straight line. The punch barely brushes past Sendō's cheek causing minimal damage. Sendō launches his Smash, and Ippo counters. They connect at the same time which causes them to lose balance, but it is Ippo who suffers the most. They each launch an attack at the same time again, but Ippo, remembering his second fight with Miyata, throws a more compact punch, which lands cleanly before Sendō's Smash and sends him to the canvas. The entire audience at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium is in shock at the sight of Sendō lying on the canvas. The referee counts, but Sendō does not react until the count of six. With much struggle, Sendō gets up, and motivated by the cheers o


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