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No Postage Necessary


No Postage Necessary

At times quirky and at times almost stunning in its sincerity, No Postage Necessary exudes a simplicity and a quiet authenticity devoid of unnecessary histrionics. The conflicts that arise, at least for the most part, are natural and feel borne out of the characters themselves and never cross that line into feeling false or manufactured despite the challenges of balancing a script that dances, for the most part successfully, between the worlds of espionage, twistee treats, old-fashioned romance and contemporary wire fraud.

Business Reply Mail (BRM) allows a mailer to distribute preprinted First-Class Mail reply pieces to customers. The mailer, not the customer, pays the return postage. This allows mailers to save postage costs on large volumes of distributed reply pieces when a response is not assured.

You must have a Business Reply Mail permit account with your local Post Office. You will pay an annual fee for the permit account, a small handling fee and First Class postage on each piece of mail returned by the USPS. Note that you are paying postage only for mail returned to you through your BRM permit.

In most cases, it is up to the voter to pay for postage to return an absentee/mail ballot envelope to the election official. Some see this as a barrier to returning a ballot, or as a type of poll tax. One solution to this potential issue is to have ballot drop boxes widely available. In states that hold all-mail elections, returning by drop box or in person is the most common return method. Another option is for election officials to pre-pay postage for voters to return their ballots.

Nineteen states and Washington, D.C., require local election officials to provide return postage for mailed ballots. This is typically a business-reply mailing, so that local officials only pay for return postage for the ballots that are actually returned via the U.S. Postal Service. Note: New Jersey leaves it up to the discretion of county clerks to provide a postage-paid envelope (N.J.S.A. 19:63-12).

It's important to note that the U.S. Postal Service has a policy of prioritizing election mail, especially ballots, and will deliver a ballot envelope even if it does not have sufficient postage. Typically, though, the post office will bill the local election office for the price of postage. If the majority of voters don't affix postage, this could be a significant expense for a local election office.

For military and overseas voters, federal law specifies that ballots can be returned to election officials using a free postage-paid symbol when mailed from a U.S. Post Office, Military Postal Service Agency (APO/FPO) or U.S. Diplomatic Pouch Mail. However, if voters return the ballot through a foreign mail system or via common carrier (such as FedEx, DHL or UPS), they must pay the rate for that service themselves.

Please note that I am not referring to Business Reply Mail. With business reply mail (the top photo), the nonprofit DOES have to pay for postage, so you are correct that when the donor pays for the postage, the nonprofit has more money to spend. I never suggested that have the phrase on business reply mail was misleading. I am claiming that having it on courtesy reply mail is misleading.

If they are a returning voter, they do not necessarily have to bring an ID, however it is recommended to bring one or their voter registration card, just in case they request it or do not have you on file for whatever reason. It is usually not necessary, however with this election anything can happen and we want people to be prepared.

About half of these envelopes are business reply, saying, ``No postage necessary if mailed in the US. Postage will be paid by addressee.'' All you need for those is a black felt pen, and after you've crossed off the reading matter, you put on a 22-cent stamp. Just now I used a couple of such envelopes from The Epicures' Club and wrote to my mother and an old high school chum in Florida. But L.L. Bean doesn't use that kind, for instance, and there's less to cross out with the felt pen. 59ce067264


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