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The Luthor In Paradise


During the Crisis on Infinite Earths, his Earth was erased from existance. He was rescued from his dimension by the Monitor, as he was destined to play a huge role in the crisis to come. He was one of four characters to survive the restructuring of the universe, stuck eternally in a paradise dimension.

He and Superboy-Prime escaped the paradise dimension in Infinite Crisis. Outside, they formulated a plot to restore their respective worlds. To this end, Alex disguised himself as the Lex Luthor of the current Earth, and organized many supervillains into a new society. His plan failed, and after the crisis ended, he was killed by the true Luthor and the Joker.

Take his Park Avenue address. Any one of us would love to own the paradise Lex Luthor had on Park Avenue. A massive swimming pool, palm trees, a devoted servant, Lex Luthor had it all. Granted it was 200 feet below Park Avenue but remember, it is about location, location, location.

Within the other-dimensional paradise, the four un-aging survivors of the old universe had nothing to do but watch events unfold in the new universe for many years. However, he came to find that this dimension was anything but a paradise where they were forced to see their past constantly. In time, Alex Luthor came to resent the events that forced him trapped in this life. He came to find that his compatriots were content with this life as they could change their surroundings according to their thoughts. This time also saw Alexander becoming jealous of the others for having full lives and looked to cultivate their own hatred of their fate. In this time, Kal-L began to find that his Lois Lane was dying of old age despite all efforts in revitalising her in this world. Meanwhile, Alex began to make Superboy-Prime angry at this world as well and in that moment he came to witness the young Superboy punch reality itself causing a change the main reality as a result. This led to Luthor believing that their was a means of escaping this dimension and confessed to Superboy-Prime that prior to coming to this realm that he was presented two other realms where one seemed like heaven and another was hell. However, he came to learn that this was actually Apokolips and that they had an option of escaping this dimension and change New Earth according to fulfil their own desires.(Infinite Crisis Secret Files and Origins v1 #1)

Escaping from the false paradise, Luthor set in motion a master plan that would have devastating consequences for the universe. Luthor secretly had Superboy move entire planets in an effort to shift the center of the universe away from Oa, subsequently provoking a galactic war between Rann and Thanagar. Using the resources of a commandeered Brother Eye, Luthor gathered intelligence on the super-powered community of the new combined universe and mustered the forces of the OMACs in attacking an increasingly-fragmented heroic community. Meanwhile, while disguising himself as the Lex Luthor of the current reality, Luthor preyed upon the fears of the super-villain community in order to form a new Society of Villains which, united, could bring down the heroes of New Earth, and build the machines Luthor would need to fulfill his ambitions. Finally, Luthor struck at the mystical forces of the universe by manipulating the Spectre who was currently untethered by a human host thus being tricked into hunting down and destroying magic itself. (Infinite Crisis v1 #5) He came to take the appearance of New Earth's Lex Luthor and assumed his identity where in that guise he helped found the Society. (Villains United v1 #6) 153554b96e


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