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Pinoy Hide Out

In addition to the obvious: "don't hide your income or exaggerate your deductions," there are there are three over-arching rules that you should heed to make sure your planning stands up to an IRS challenge.

Pinoy Hide Out

July 6, 1899, Soldiers (Garcia) began defending the Government house and Military Quarters in Provincial Capital, and at 6 o'clock Garcia's Soldiers and Narciso's soldiers had a shooting exchange. By 7 o'clock Garcia prepared to leave Surigao via sea. The soldiers of Narciso began their offensive when the boat started loading equipment. They took position behind the Acacia trees, and once they were discovered both sides exchanged fire. Garcia's soldiers retreated to the port and those who were not able to ride the boat with General Garcia were forced to hide and surrender. The area of the conflict is at the present day Surigao Luneta Park and alongside the street of Borromeo. The Province of Surigao would then be engulfed in Military rivalry between Governor Narciso and General Garcia, with Surigao and Butuan held by Narciso while Placer, Cantilan, and Tandag being held by Garcia. This Military Rivalry would be put to a close by the American Occupation of the Province.[11]

Desmond was born in an Assassin hideout near to the Black Hills, west of Rapid City, in the United States. Known as "the Farm", the hideout was an off-the-grid compound with a population of around thirty people, all leading a nomadic lifestyle.[3]

After the rescue attempt failed, Warren boasted that those Assassins were, in fact, the last of the group Desmond had escaped from, and that their desert hideout had been previously destroyed. When Warren left, however, Lucy reassured Desmond that that compound had been found deserted and that his parents had "probably escaped". During this discussion, Lucy revealed herself to be an undercover member of the Assassins.[5]

Instructing him with initiating security protocols around the hideout, Lucy left it to Desmond to figure out how to reach them through the use of his Eagle Vision and newfound freerunning skills. Just as he began, however, he started suffering vivid hallucinations of the Third Crusade era. At first, the visions were short, and were nothing to worry about, but after completing the task, Desmond was incapacitated as the visions became more real.[6]

Upon synchronizing his DNA with a strange pedestal, several levers and structures lowered from the church's ceiling, to which a brief vision of Ezio showed Desmond the way to climb up. Along the way, more visions of Juno appeared, and she explained that the Vaults were made as the only proper places to hide away knowledge. Eventually, Desmond reached a structure with a lever, where he saw a vision of Ezio lowering it. Copying the phantom, Desmond also lowered the lever, which caused another pedestal to rise from the ground, along with a set of poles that Desmond used to make his way down.[7]

Later on, after willingly exploring the memories of his ancestor, Ezio Auditore, Desmond gained his ancestor's freerunning skills, allowing him to scale structures easily. Additionally, he learned sword-fighting and fist-fighting techniques, including disarming and countering. Not long afterward, he was able to easily fend off a Templar attack on the hideout.[6] After fully synchronizing with Ezio, Desmond was able to use most of his ancestor's abilities in the modern era, most notably freerunning across Monteriggioni and the Colosseum.[7]

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