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Post Processor FANUC 18i For 80

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How to Choose the Right Post Processor for FANUC 18i for 80

If you are using a CNC machine with a FANUC 18i control system, you need a post processor that can generate compatible code for your machine. A post processor is a software that converts the toolpaths created by a CAM program into machine-specific code that can be executed by the CNC controller. Choosing the right post processor for your machine can save you time, money, and frustration.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a post processor for FANUC 18i for 80, such as:

The type and configuration of your machine (e.g., number of axes, spindle orientation, tool changer, etc.)

The features and functions of your control system (e.g., canned cycles, subprograms, macros, etc.)

The format and syntax of the code that your machine requires (e.g., G-codes, M-codes, comments, line numbers, etc.)

The quality and reliability of the post processor (e.g., accuracy, efficiency, compatibility, support, etc.)

One way to find a suitable post processor for FANUC 18i for 80 is to search through the online post library of your CAM software provider. For example, if you are using Autodesk HSM, you can browse through hundreds of posts for different machines and controllers on their website[^1^]. You can also modify an existing post or create a new one using their post processor editor.

Another way to find a suitable post processor for FANUC 18i for 80 is to contact one of the CAM partners who offer post development services. For example, you can visit the Service Marketplace on Autodesk's website[^2^] and find a list of certified partners who can provide customized posts for your specific machine and control system. You can also request a quote and compare the prices and quality of different providers.

Choosing the right post processor for FANUC 18i for 80 can make a big difference in your CNC machining process. By following these tips, you can find a post processor that meets your needs and expectations.

How to Install and Test the Post Processor for FANUC 18i for 80

Once you have found or created a post processor for FANUC 18i for 80, you need to install and test it on your CAM software and CNC machine. Here are some steps to follow:

Download or copy the post processor file (.cps) to your computer.

Open your CAM software and go to the post processor settings.

Select the option to add a new post processor and browse to the location of the file.

Name the post processor and assign it to your machine configuration.

Save the settings and close the CAM software.

Open your CAM software again and load a sample project with toolpaths for your machine.

Select the option to post process the project and choose the post processor you just added.

Save the output code (.nc) to a USB drive or network folder.

Transfer the code to your CNC machine and load it on the control system.

Run the code in simulation mode and check for any errors or warnings.

If everything looks good, run the code on a test piece of material and check for any issues with the toolpaths, movements, or dimensions.

If you encounter any problems, go back to your CAM software or post processor editor and make the necessary adjustments.

Installing and testing the post processor for FANUC 18i for 80 is an important step to ensure that your CNC machine can run smoothly and accurately. By following these steps, you can verify that your post processor is working as expected. 061ffe29dd


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