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Abstract: MXenes represent a relatively new and quickly growing family of two-dimensional (2D) early transition-metal carbides and nitrides, which were first synthesized in 2011 from bulk layered crystalline MAX phases. Because of their 2D structure and many extraordinary physical properties, MXenes have raised a significant interest for various applications. However, it has been found that in some cases MXene flakes are not stable and can spontaneously degrade on a time scale from hours to days. While dissolved O2 has been deemed as the main factor for the instability of MXenes in aqueous solutions, we analyze the role of water as the primary reagent, and not only a solvent, in the processes of conversion of 2D titanium carbide MXenes into titania. Moreover, we demonstrate gas analysis as a powerful technique to gain further insights into chemical reactivity of MXenes. Gases produced during chemical transformations of MXenes in aqueous solutions have been collected and analyzed via gas chromatography (GC) and Raman spectroscopy. The degradation rates of the MXenes in water were further investigated depending on their monolayer thickness within the same chemical composition, as well as depending on chemical composition of the materials within the same monolayer thickness. 781b155fdc


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