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Buy 980ti

Hi guys can you post FPS on your 3 monitors with the 980ti after you test with all the cables that you need? Im looking to buy a 980ti, so I would like what to expect I also have 3 Benq 27 inches monitor.

buy 980ti

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I have 3 27" ASUS monitors being powered by a single EVGA 980ti SC. My monitors are only 60 Htz sadly so I cap mine with nvidia adaptive sync so I dont have screen tearing. But I run a solid 60 fps all the time on all games capped. The only exception is the Nurburgring on iRacing I have to back down the graphics to around medium settings to keep it consistent. It has a hard time around the GP area and pits. I think that is an issue with the track itself though because I have a strong PC and im runing 32 gigs of ram. Also on Assetto corsa it runs the ring as hard as I ask it to. If I turn off adaptive sync the gpu will easily push anywhere from 85-130 fps depending on game/track/and how many cars on track. But i get tearing if I turn off adaptive sync so I leave it on. I use all three display ports but I also had to buy three display port to HDMI adapters because my monitors do not have display ports in the back. Yeah I did not do my homework on my monitors lol but I love my gpu. Its the best bang for the buck unless you are willing to run SLI but i hear iRacing does not do well with SLI setups.

Backyard Simracing thanx for the fast response, your sim looks amazing, nice positioning of the monitors, it looks really good, I definitely have problems running Assetto Corsa it demands so much power but sounds great if you can run it at 85-130 FPS. My video card is not that bad gtx750ti but some times when I run Iracing drops FPS to much and I get the stuttering that you mention, I got the 144htz monitors (pure luck! haha) so I think buying the 980ti would be a good step up, saw the gtx980 ti Strix, and I think I would go for that one.

I have a 970 and a 980ti. Used to have 970SLI before upgrading to a 980ti. The performance in DCS with a single monitor or in surround with either card is the same. 3D surround on the other hand is muchhhh faster with the 980ti than the 970 because it has to render each screen twice. VR will be pretty power hungry as well rendering 3 separate screens so I'm a firm believer that a 980ti for VR will give you the same increases in performance that it gave me for 3d surround. SLI for DCS is a broken mess right now and only more so if you throw in VR into the equation with those driver issues that remain unsolved so I highly recommend against SLI for VR for now. A 980ti is the way to go for at least the next year imo because pascal isn't even slated to come out before EOY anyway from what I have read. In fact nvidia was MIA with an actual prototype at CES and there's a lot of speculation out there that they didn't even have a working prototype to show so EOY may even be ambitious for them. What they showed at CES as a pascal was speculated to be in fact a 980. The last time they pulled this stunt the new cards were delayed.

Has DCS got anywhere with sli? I'm confused really. I want the rift cv1 and to run the rift I need at least the gtx970 but I think to my self why not future proof a little. So I think let's have the gtx980ti. But because of software issues I can't use the hard wear. And this meaning the rift will be useless! And even if I wait for pascal it looks like DCS will have an even bigger bottle neck to deal with on that! Can anyone shed a bit of light on this for me please. 041b061a72


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