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What To Buy At The Grocery Store


What To Buy At The Grocery Store

A grocery list is an essential tool for many shoppers. It can help you stay on task and remind you of the items you need. Plus, studies show that grocery lists may help you make healthier choices while shopping (1, 2).

Once that becomes a habit, you can add more meals to your weekly cooking menu. Like all healthy habits, it may take some time before regularly going grocery shopping and preparing healthy meals at home becomes a part of your routine.

Keeping long-lasting items like canned beans and frozen fruit in your pantry and freezer can help cut back on grocery trips and ensure that you always have ingredients on hand to make a healthy meal or snack.

Start by filling your cart along the perimeter of the store with fruits, veggies, proteins, and other perishable items on your list. Then, move into the inner aisles for items like nuts, whole grains, and canned goods.

For example, I recently noticed a premade chai latte product at the grocery store. I was shocked to see that it contained a whopping 31 grams, or nearly 8 teaspoons, of added sugar per 3/4-cup (180-mL) serving (13).

Bringing your own reusable totes is good for the environment (who needs another plastic bag anyway?). Some stores even offer discounts for every reusable bag that you bring into the store. We all need more ways to save money at the grocery store.

Do you have a ketchup addict in the house? If ketchup is your family's go-to condiment at mealtimes, you could save on grocery bills by skipping the brand-name products and making your own from a combination of tomato paste, vinegar, and spices. And if you make a double batch, know that you can use some of that ketchup to clean your copper and silverware.

If you have a bulk food store that sells spices, you can save a bundle. Not only could the per-ounce cost be less than at the grocery store, but you can also buy only as much as you need. No reason to get a whole jar when you only want a teaspoon for a recipe.

Let's begin with the basics of creating a college student grocery list. Throughout the week, you can develop this list, adding to it or tweaking it as needed. You can also note on this list when you are running low on something or have run out of it completely, like milk or ketchup.

Part of building out a college student grocery list is to organize it effectively. For example, you could arrange your list by day of the week and the meal you plan to eat that day, or by the various aisles at the grocery store.

You might also want to see what staple items you have on hand each week and add those to your list as you run out. Be sure to cross off items from your list when you shop so you don't forget anything. The worst thing is realizing that you forgot a key ingredient after you return home from the store.

Your college student grocery budget may not be particularly big, but you can still buy the food you want and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are five budgeting tips when it comes to buying groceries in college.

When you go grocery shopping, you can use apps like Ibotta to get money back. After you make a purchase, just scan your receipt to get cash back on certain items. Top grocery retailers you can use with Ibotta include Walmart and Target.

You may want to split the grocery cost if you have roommates. You can include foods you use together, such as spices, condiments, bread, eggs, cereal, and snacks. If you buy any food with your own money, however, your roommates should understand that it is your food and yours alone (unless you tell them otherwise).

This one is easy: Don't shop when you're hungry or, worse, hangry. When you do this, everything in the store looks good and you can easily go over your budget. So eat a meal or a snack before you shop!

In addition to your college grocery list (don't forget it!), consider bringing a few reusable shopping bags to the store. By reusing shopping bags, you're not only helping the environment but eliminating any nomi


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