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Ernest Kazakov

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In 2015, Vavilov et al. used IR thermography to inspect large aerospace composite parts without causing additional damage, avoiding excessive cost and time consumption [9]. In 2019, Deane et al. [79] combined pulsed thermography and vibro-thermography for automated real-time inspection of unmanned aircraft CFRP panels. Pulse heating was achieved by using 2 lamps (Balcar Xenon flash) at an energy of 6.400 J/flash with 2 ms duration at full width half maximum (FWHM). After sufficient time has passed, heat will travel throughout the entire sample and will decrease uniformly if the sample free from damage. On the other hand, if any defect/damage on the subsurface is present due to delamination/fiber breakage, an irregular temperature pattern is observed. This thermal response can be captured by infrared camera along with a synchronizer unit. Thesedata were stored as a 3D matrix at x and y spatial coordinates at time t. Active thermography was used by creating thermal contrast using external heating on the sample, causing inhomogeneities due to various thermal properties and diffusivity changes. These inhomogeneities are considered defects i.e., cracks, delamination, and debonding damages. Infrared cameras (FLIR Phoenix) with 640 512 pixels and 50 Hz data acquisition were used. These cameras collected IR photons that pass through the optics and are converted into electrons. After a set integration time, the charge was readout into a digital count, calibrated to temperature, then assigned to color or greyscale and ultimately presented as an infrared image. Data acquisition was completed using RDac from FLIR software while MATLAB and Ir_view from Visiooimage Inc. were used for signal processing. The primary development of this work is the advancement of processing methods using principal component thermography (PCT) and pulsed phase thermography (PPT).


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