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How to Spice Up Your Housie Party with Fun Number Calling in Hindi

How to Spice Up Your Housie Party with Fun Number Calling in Hindi

Housie, also known as Tambola or Bingo, is a popular game of chance that can be played at parties, events, or gatherings. The game involves a caller who randomly draws and announces numbers from 1 to 90, and players who mark off the numbers on their tickets. The first player to mark off a specific pattern of numbers, such as a row, a column, a diagonal, or the full ticket, wins a prize.

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While the game is simple and fun, it can also become monotonous and boring if the caller just announces the numbers in a plain and dull way. To make the game more lively and entertaining, you can spice up your housie party with fun number calling in Hindi. This way, you can add some humor, creativity, and culture to your game and keep your guests engaged and amused.

Fun number calling in Hindi involves using rhymes, phrases, words, or references that are related to the numbers or their shapes. For example, instead of saying "one", you can say "lone ranger", "buttered scone", or "top of the house". Instead of saying "two", you can say "one little duck", "me and you", or "kaala dhan". Instead of saying "three", you can say "happy family", "goodness me", or "teen tigada kaam bigada". And so on.

Some of these number calls are based on common Hindi idioms, proverbs, songs, movies, celebrities, or events. For example, for number 13, you can say "baker's dozen", "unlucky for some lucky for me", or "tera mera saath rahe" (a song from a movie). For number 24, you can say "two dozen", "want some more at 24", or "do duni chaar" (a movie title). For number 26, you can say "pick and mix", "Republic Day", or "chhabbis january" (a movie title).

Some of these number calls are also based on the shape or appearance of the numbers. For example, for number 8, you can say "one fat major", "garden gate", or "big fat lady". For number 11, you can say "two heavenly legs", "two beautiful legs", or "ek gyarah". For number 22, you can say "two little ducks", "dhai kilo ka haath" (a dialogue from a movie), or "do do baara" (a song from a movie).

To help you with fun number calling in Hindi, here is a list of some possible number calls for each number from 1 to 90. You can use these as they are or modify them according to your preference. You can also come up with your own number calls based on your creativity and imagination.


Possible Number Calls in Hindi


Lone rangerButtered sconeTop of the houseSon of a gunAt the beginningAkela chana bhaad nahi phod saktaAkela hai Mr. KhiladiAkhiyon se goli maare


One little duckMe and youKaala dhanDoctor whoJodi no. 1Tu tu main mainDo lafzon ki hai dil ki kahani


Happy familyGoodness meTeen tigada kaam bigadaTees maar khanTeesri manzilTeri meri kahaani


Murgi chorKnock at the doorHum do hamare doChaar baj gaye lekin party abhi baaki haiChaar kadam bas chaar kadamGolmaal chaar



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