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Deactivate external clock through a timer

I have to deactivate an external clock through a timer. I would like to do it in a portable way, without using any specific microcontroller, e.g. ATmega328.

Although I have some experience in C and assembly, I have some problems understanding how to solve this problem.

I would like to use this external clock as a master clock for a microcontroller. It is a 6-pin VCC, GND, CLKIN, CLKOUT, GND, GND chip with a 12 MHz external clock.

How can I deactivate the clock in a portable way?


If you are willing to add more complexity and use multiple components this can be done.

You can use a PLL (VCO) to generate a clock much closer to your external clock and provide this to your microcontroller as an external clock. The VCO needs to be synchronized with the external clock but this can be done using a DLL if it needs to be phase-synchronous or a DLL/PLL if it can be made asynchronous. Assuming your microcontroller has a PLL you can use this to sample the output of your VCO. If you have your VCO create a square wave output you can use this to sample this and determine if it is ever a logic 1 or a logic 0. This will allow you to determine which output state you are in.

The most common DLL implementation is a binary counter. You can use a binary counter to sample the output state of your VCO. The input to the counter can be the output of the VCO or the output of the DLL.

You can then use this to determine when your VCO is on or off. You can then use this to determine if you need to turn off your microcontroller's clock or not.

It is important to note that your VCO may not always be on. It may be on for a microsecond at a time and off for a microsecond. You will need to implement a mechanism to allow your microcontroller to know when your VCO is on or off.

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