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Hermann Ershov

Urja Full Crack [hack]

i just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing the recipe! this bread is delicious and i found your instructions on the process so simple! i've never made bread from scratch before but when i was looking for something to feed the family with today, your recipe was by far the most delicious i have ever had! in fact, it might even beat the french bread i got from the super market! i'm sure it will become an added staple in our kitchen! the one thing i did change though was using 1lb whole wheat flour because i had no white flour around. everything turned out delicious! thanks again!

Urja Full Crack [hack]

wow. i just made this bread (i used applesauce as the liquid instead of buttermilk, because it's what i had on hand) and it was so lovely. it came out more dense than most bread i've had, maybe because i used flour and liquid that were closest to those i had in my cupboards, and maybe because it was my first time making bread (which i had been looking forward to with such anticipation! i was so excited!). it looked and smelled delicious as i took the loaf out of the oven. as i pulled it out, i also pulled the pan from the oven, and kept it on the counter for about 15 minutes to give it a chance to cool a bit before i sliced into it to see how it was. i sliced and toasted it and it came out with a wonderful chewy and warm, crusty interior and a moist and slightly sweet interior. thank you for the awesome recipe!

i am in love with this recipe! i made some changes - i left out the hazelnut, instead of 2 cups of almonds, i used a mix of sunflower and linseeds which are very similar (i have a ton of sunflower seeds and knew i would have leftover seeds, and am always looking for new ways to use them).. i also added a few 1/4 tsp. sea salt for the liquid, and a clove of garlic for some extra flavor (also wanted to see how well a variation would work). i did not double the recipe because i was expecting a larger loaf. i didn't have a loaf pan, so i used a bread pan from our local bakery, which i had not used before. i set it up on my counter with plenty of parchment, i made the full recipe, then covered it for 15 minutes before baking (i just plan for the worst case scenario). i baked the loaf at 400 for 20 minutes per the recipe, and it came out perfectly (that was the plan anyway.) - so moist and flavorful, just what i was looking for! i had some applesauce on hand, so i tried topping it with some applesauce, as well as honey - to my surprise, it was the best bread i have ever had (and i like good bread!). i am so excited about this recipe, thanks for sharing it! my only criticism (maybe even a result of my own experiment :) is that the loaf was even less dense than the original recipe. i'm wondering if the 2 cups of almonds was the culprit, or if the 1/2 salt made a difference. i will try it again, but i am definitely adding some salt to the liquid next time!


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