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70mph! You got the wheels turned and the throttle wide open. As you take the driver seat of the new Dodge Demon, you'll enjoy the brakes that stop you dead on the street, or the nitrous boost that helps you push to the limit. With a heavy-duty 5.9-liter HEMI, this is the ultimate muscle car. And that's not all. The new Demon comes with a wide range of features that make you a well-rounded driver. In Tour mode, the cars are there to provide you with a ride of the road. Choose from a variety of routes, select your gas stations, learn new shortcuts, and focus on route times as you navigate the curves and turns to reach your destination. In Track mode, you need to score points as fast as you can. Rush through the city with the best traction for an unbeatable race-winning position. With over 20 new cars, 20 tracks, and 6 routes, you can experience racing as you've never experienced it before. Race your way to the checkered flag in Freeplay mode and prove your strategy knows no bounds in Drivatar mode. With the creative platform THE PLAYARTS, have fun with friends as you race, golf, and do battle. Who will be the ultimate gamer 3d9ccd7d82


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