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Jason Hinterweger
Jason Hinterweger

Hustlers !EXCLUSIVE!

I'm in the middle of writing two books -- one is focused on digital marketing and the other is about how to be a successful relentless entrepreneur. During my preparation for the second book, I spoke to more than one hundred entrepreneurs about what characteristics successful hustlers possess. Here are my favorite thirteen characteristics from those conversations.


"What really sets hustlers apart is their level of focus. You have to eat, sleep and breathe whatever it is that you are focused on accomplishing. Whether that's building the next successful mobile app or increasing your sales revenue from the previous month. Everyone has responsibilities outside of work, but those that remain laser-focused around the clock will always find a way to accomplish what they set out to get done."

"Many people have the misconception that those who describe themselves as hustlers are swindlers and they can't be trusted. This is far from true, as some of the entrepreneurs in my circle that I consider hustlers are some of the most thoughtful and caring individuals I have ever met. When you help others, it often comes back to you tenfold in the form of business relationships and opportunities."

"If you tell someone that there is only a one percent chance of their startup being successful, most would stop dead in their tracks and quit. The small percentage of entrepreneurs that wouldn't even consider quitting are the true hustlers. They aren't afraid to take a risk, no matter how high the odds are stacked against them."

"There is no timetable for success, and hustlers understand this. They are willing to work hard, from morning to night, until they reach their goal. If you set out to accomplish something with a pre-determined time frame in which you believe you should finish, it can set you up for epic disappointment and ultimately failure."

"One of the biggest business clichés is "thinking outside the box,' and it's a characteristic all successful hustlers possess. They approach opportunities, situations and problems in innovative and different ways -- completely opposite of how most people would. Their unique way of identifying opportunities and solving problems allow them to succeed when most would fail. Hustlers are always thinking -- their mind never pauses for a break."

"If you don't truly love what you do it becomes very difficult to excel and experience success. It is much easier to dedicate the majority of your time to something when you are passionate about it. Many people label entrepreneurs that work nonstop as hustlers -- they simply love what they do. Hustlers become consumed with their goals, refusing to stop until they are reached."

"Hustlers possess the ability to create their own path, which is why so many people labeled as being hustlers are such successful entrepreneurs. Imagine being faced with a challenge and there are two options, A or B. Many times neither option is exactly what you need, and this is where the hustler mentality comes into play. Rather than pick a sub-par option, a hustler creates a third option, C. Successful hustlers know what the best option is, and they make it available."

Younan learned that law enforcement was far from doubting him. In fact, they had been on to the hustlers for months. They had a cooperator and had run that sting operation in an attempt to catch Keo, Pascucci and their cronies. Younan quickly became the key witness for the detectives and agents on the task force, hoping that the women whom he blamed for allegedly drugging him and racking up fraudulent charges on his card were about to go down.

To do anything for the money is what hustling is, you know. To separate hustling from non-hustling, the hustlers will use any tactic to get the person to sit down and get that money. So in a sense we are hustlers. We use any slogan we can to get people to sit down with us.

The chess tables in Washington Square Park\u2019s southwest corner have been occupied by a revolving cast of hustlers for more than 80 years. When a CAF\u00C9 ANNE reader suggested I interview these fellows for a feature, I asked what she wanted to know.

But chess hustling\u2019s not really good. Because not everyone wants to bet a lot of money. And as you play more hustlers, the level of competition goes up. You're playing stronger players. And next thing you know, you might be the one who's getting hustled. 041b061a72


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