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Well Seasoned: A Southern Classic


Southern Black Eyed Peas (also known as Hoppin' John) is a classic Southern comfort food that is hearty, delicious, and comforting. It's typically served on New Year's to bring good luck and fortune in the coming year. Soaked black eyed peas are added to well seasoned, sautéed vegetables and broth and simmered with sausage until ready to serve. It's loaded with flavor from the smoky sausage and the assortment of spices. Serve this traditional Southern meal over a bowl of rice or with a side of cornbread.

Salmon Croquettes are a southern classic. Full of salmon, peppers, onions and seasoning, this versatile dish is sure to be loved by all! This is a great recipe for busy weeknights, but fancy enough for holidays and special events.

At around 8 pounds, this classic Lodge skillet weighs about 2 pounds more than the Lodge Chef Collection pan. That extra weight could be a real asset when it comes to cooking a thick cut of meat, since it can help the pan retain more heat. But overall it performed the same as the Chef Collection skillet in our tests, searing steak well and releasing eggs easily. Flipping this pan over takes some muscle, but when we did it, our cornbread plopped right out. The high sides also make the classic Lodge ideal for deep-frying, braising, or baking a cobbler, since it can hold about 2 cups more than the Chef Collection skillet. If those are things you do often, this is the pan to get.

In this age of trying to watch what we eat (well sort of), at least by that I mean I don't make fried foods every week, this is a treat at my house when I do. And we all deserve southern comfort food every now and again, RIGHT 1e1e36bf2d


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