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Free Online Password Cracker For Word Extra Quality

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Free Online Password Cracker For Word Extra Quality

We can recover a document open password to all versions of encrypted MS Office Word files (*.doc and *.docx). We don't recover a password for making changes (the so-called Permissions Password), but we can remove it from your document for free. Upload your file here and follow the instructions.

We offer you a free MS Word password recovery try with a search through a database of 3 million of the most popular passwords. This work is done very quickly (from a few seconds to a couple of minutes), and is successful in 22% of cases.

If no password is found, then we can start searching for the lost password through the 20+ billion passwords database. It is a paid service, see the prices below. According to our internal statistics, the probability of a successful password recovery in this case is about 61%. MS Office 2003 Word documents and its earlier versions are processed fast: within a few minutes. A later version of Word documents may be processed longer, up to 24 hours.

If you do not know the password, upload the document to the LostMyPass and start the password recovery process. After it is successful, you will receive the document password, and then you can open it and remove the password protection yourself.

You are confident to leave your computer with your buddies because you know you got a strong password protecting it, and you are cocksure none will try tempering with it or even accessing. After a while, you come back and try retrieving the password-protected document. However, to your amusement, you can't recall the right character combinations for your password. You don't know how to unlock a Word document without a password. Luckily, you have stumbled on this life-saving article. And we give assurance by the end of the article you'll be able to unlock Word documents online with confidence and seamlessly.

There are several Office password remover utilities available out there on the internet supporting online or desktop. However, they are not equal both in strength and functionalities. Therefore, we search through the internet and highlighted the following best 5 Word password remover tools:

This is a robust word suite that helps you to recover or remove passwords from Word documents using brute force attack, dictionary attack, or brute force mask attack. Those different kinds of password attack options combined with an intuitive interface, easy and straightforward recovery process, and slick design makes it almost a perfectly complete and best Word password remover utility.

If you are looking for an office password remover tool that puts much attention on technology, land on this efficacious tool. It combines a perfect blend of design and functionalities to unprotect Word documents. The program takes a matter of a few minutes to remove a password from a Word document depending on its complexity and the method you chose to use and being boosted with the multi-core GPU and CPU acceleration.

This is among the greatest Word password remover you can effortlessly use to bypass locked Word documents when you've learned the right procedures on how to open a password-protected word files. It works well with multiple file systems and is compatible with almost all Windows versions including Windows 10.

This is yet another free Word password utility that can remove the document open password and recover the Word document edit password. Also, you can use the program to crack modified passwords. Word Password Recovery Master supports all Windows versions from Windows XP all through to Windows 10.

GuaWord is a Word password remover freeware program that works differently by decrypting the lost password instead of attacking it. This mode of retrieving passwords guarantees over 95 percent of success.

The procedure to follow on how to open a password-protected word files is almost similar with small variations among Docx password remover tools. Nonetheless, there is an effecti


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